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What is NexPTG?

Automatic Ground Detection

The NexPTG meter automatically detects the tested substrate: Steel [Fe], Galvanized steel [Fe + Zn] and Aluminum [Al].

Intuitive Options

The intuitive options are: SAPL - Coating Analysis System, Advanced Purchasing Guide, Suggested measurement points, Text, graphic and sound signaling.

Advanced Reports

Possibility to create advanced reports, export of measurement history, API communication, SDK library.

Dedicated Application

NexPTG varnish thickness gauges have a dedicated NexPTG application that can be installed on any mobile device equipped with iOS or Android. NexPTG meters are the most modern devices on the market that combine a product with an application.

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Made in EU  |  Distributed all over the world

How it works?

NexPTG lacquer thickness gauges are the most innovative wireless lacquer thickness gauges on the market. All measurements of car paint thickness are sent directly to mobile devices thanks to the use of Bluetooth technology.

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The most modern device of its kind on the market.